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    The Challenge:


    The Client:

    Tax Credit Advisor

    Tax Credit Advisor is a niche publication that focuses on the affordable housing and tax credit industries. The publication is produced monthly and is read by over 400 key people on a regular basis.

    Scott Oser’s Solution:
    Scott Oser Associates successfully launched an advertising sales program forTax Credit Advisor. By working with key staff at the publication, they were able to determine who the best prospects were to sell advertising to. Additional crucial information was gathered about the readership/audience to create a media kit. A marketing schedule was developed to include special advertiser incentives. Persistent communications via phone and email helped develop sales and long term relationships with many advertisers.Tax Credit Advisor had produced over $150,000 in advertising sales in 2008.

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    Scott Oser Associates has the expertise to develop a customized and effective solution created to meet your marketing, membership and/or sales needs. Produced in combination or in a series, you will reach out to your audience(s) with multi-channel marketing program(s) specifically designed to ensure that your message, brand or mission is viewed by the people and companies that you need to reach and that a desired action is obtained.

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