• Solutions

    Scott Oser Associates has the expertise to develop a customized and effective solution created to meet your marketing, membership and/or sales needs. Produced in combination or in a series, you will reach out to your audience(s) with multi-channel marketing program(s) specifically designed to ensure that your message, brand or mission is viewed by the people and companies that you need to reach and that a desired action is obtained.


    Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy Development and Implementation

    • Direct Mail
    • Newsletters
    • Brochures/Collateral
    • Publications (magazines, periodicals, e-newsletters)
    • Websites and Internet Marketing
    • Social Media
    • Telemarketing

    Turn-key Sales and Marketing

    • Exhibit Sales
    • Advertising Sales
    • Sponsorship Sales
    • Corporate Membership/Industry Partnership

    Branding and Image Management

    • Key Messages
    • Visual Identity (logo, colors, fonts)
    • Audience Segmentation